Top 11 Best Weber Gas Grills of 2020 – Go Weber

Top 11 Best Weber Gas Grills of 2020 – Go Weber

Since we are running a grill restaurant for the past 10 years, even if you wake me in the middle of my sleep and ask suggest a best gas grill brand, I would definitely say weber even in an unconscious state for sure.

Not only me you can even ask any grill Chefs, definitely you are going to get the same answer from them also, there is no doubt why Weber is known as the king of gas grills.

Yes if you are not an weber fan so far, trust me by the end of this article you’ll be starting to love this brand for sure.

Really speaking there is a tough competition in this segement because there are some big names in this segment likes Napolean, Cuisinart, CampChef, Royal Gournmet.

Also weber has produced lots of best Gas Grills in this Segement, so choosing out 10-12 best gas grills from weber is also a big difficult task for us too.

Even I have some Junior Grill Chefs at my kitchen and in our kitchen we have both Weber and Napolean Gas Grills and whenever I ask their opinion on replacing the grill they say weber is still in good condition why replacing it, may be Napolean might be replaced.

Top 11 Best Weber Gas Grills of 2020

The reason why we have Given 11 best weber gas grills because we have almost selected the ten weber gas grills after testing but still we felt we are leaving one weber gas grill which certainly needs to be in the list, we thought of removing other grills from the list but we can’t so that’s why we have expanded the list.

  1. 1. Weber 62016001 Genesis II E-435 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Here comes our first product in the list, and the best ever product, no its not a product it’s a kind of magic from the Weber, like well-known chefs if you also kind of wants to become as the best in the grilling then Weber E-435 is the best option for this purpose.

Coming to the features of this Weber grill you are getting

Big Cooking Space – This is the part everyone wants larger in their grill and Weber has really satisfied many users with their 646 inches primary cooking area and an extra 198 square inches warming rack with a side burner which you can use it to toast buns, saute veggies while you sear your meat on the main grill.

Impressive Powerful Burners – The main station of the grill gets four main burners of 48000 BTU’s capacity and an extra burner of 12000 BTU’s also given as a bonus, along with that 9000 BTU’s sear station burner has also been provided too, the best thing with this sear station burner is that you can get the perfect sear marks on your grill.

Weber signature – We all know that what’s the most special about weber from other grill is their flavourized bars, E-435 also has this amazing feature, where you can get the Vaporize Drippings and excellent aroma on your meat, plus with the help of stainless steel tube burners which helps in optimal gas flow makes everything of this grill perfect, its not ends here without telling about the Stainless Steel rod cooking rod, infinity ignition features.

Grease management – Weber has used their innovation even in the grease management too, where they have made the cleaning much easier, where you have to pull the pan and replace it with a new one, its that much easier.

Best Feature of the grill – When the technology gets advanced, you’ll get some amazing features like iGrill 3 app linked Thermometer which you can use it to monitor your grills temperature in your mobile device itself.

Price – With these many features you won’t get like this weber marvel anywhere, so don’t hesistate pay even few more from your budget for this wonder.


App linked Thermometer

Powerful Burners


The cons of the grill is we can’t find the cons for the grill.

  1. Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

When you need a direct competitor for Weber Genesis Grill, then you are gonna need to another model from weber only, because weber’s direct competition is weber only, and that too comes in the form of Weber Summit S-470.

Whichever field you choose there is definitely gonna be No 1 in the list for sure, and when it comes to the Weber Gas Grill or Gas Grill the no 1 only one super one is Weber Summit S-470, this grill is bit priced higher than Weber E-435 also stands a step ahead in its performance too, if you can pay few more bucks, why not try out this Weber’s Lovliest creation.

And we can’t wait to unreveal the feautures of the grill

Complete Package – The reason why we are saying this grill as a complete package is because it offers you the features even a top level grill chef like us expect such as 580 square inches of primary cooking space, along with 110 square inches of warming rack as an added feature

Excellent Cook Box House – The cook box of the grill consists of 9 mm Stainless steel cooking rod to withstand any heat also gives you the even and delicious sear marks too along with you are getting an high grade burner tubes which prevents your tube from getting rusted due to small amount of water in the propane gas also being protected from the grease drippings due to its being made from single piece of steel for high durability.

Unbelievable burners – Want to cook for 50 peoples at once yes it can do the job, want to cook for only 4-5 people, still it can do the job efficiently due to the presence of 12,000-BTU side burner, a 10,600-BTU Sear Station burner, a 6,800 smoker burner, and a 10,600 rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner.

Plus you’ll getting some amazing options such as keeping the heat in one direction while cooking for one or two people and spread out the heat while cooking for large crowd.

The purpose of the input flush mount side burner is to give you an option to do multi tasking while grilling.

If you want to get a flavourful results then you can create an general indirect heat for slow cooking to get the results.

Grill out Handle Lights – So when you are raising the lid of the grill, it automatically gives you the light you need with the help of sensor.

Other addons- With this you’ll also get weber specials such as Flavourized Bars, Porcelain coated grates, complete stainless steel body, Grease Management, Extra work station, led tank scale, Snap jet individual burner ignition system.

We frankly while writing this review we have really enjoyed a lot because Summit- 470 is one of the major part of our restaurant and our backyard kitchen which gives us the name of Grill Master.


Everything you need in a grill

Flavourized bars

Grill out handle lights

Poweful Burners


Price might be little high, but for the features it is worth every penny.

  1. Weber 46510001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Here comes the budget king of the Weber grills, why we are saying this as Budget king is because in this grill you get some equal features of the Above two models and that too at a cheapest price.

Still this is one of the best grill in the Spirit Section and an advanced one too when compared to the other two spirit gas grills of weber.

Here comes the list of features which makes us to place this grill in the third position of this competitive list.

Perfect for outdoor Cooking – This is one of the most recommended grills especially for small outdoor gatherings of your family and deliver them some tasty and juicy meats, but if you ask us is it possible to cooking for a big party with this grill, yes it can but not as efficient as our top two products.

Three Stainless Steel Burners – It also comes along with three powerful Stainless Steel Burners of which can produce upto 32000 BTU’s per hour, also an handy cooking area is one more feature to look at with 529 square inches total cooking space, while the warming rack covers the 156 square inches and the remaining will be your primary cooking area.

Porcelain Enameled Cooking Grates – With this added feature, you actually get two advantage one is that it kind of gives you good grill marks on your meat plus it provides high durability and easy to clean, along with that it can be reversible based on the type of meat you are going to cook.

Weber Signature Add ons – You can’t see the weber premium grill without the Weber Flavourized bars and electric start ignition, also you get features also such as grease management, extra work space, Aluminium cook box, a central thermometer.

Price – Though it has not the features of out top 2 ranked grills, yet for this attractive price this is a good catch.


Good price for the attractive features

Easy to clean.


The burners might not be enough for the total cooking space for somepeople

  1. 4. Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 Gas Grill Liquid Propane, 2-Burner 

Yes you may wonder why this one comes 4th in the list, which is one of the top selling products of weber gas grill, we actually have lots of reasons for it too, yes it is a low budget marvel from the Weber and a direct competitor to all budget and small gas grills, and we can’t all three gas grill because of its wide features, this grill can be a family friendly but not ideal for parties, that’s the core reason behind our choice.

Accurate Dimensions – The only disadvantage which some people found is that this grill weighs around 113 lbs, don’t worry you can easily move this with caster wheels, but its dimensions 63″ H x 50″ W x 32″ D and a primary cooking area of 360 square inches and warming rack of 90 square inches makes it the best dimensions a gas grill requires.

High Durability – Inorder to give you a heavy duty long life, you are getting a porcelain enamelled lid and cookbox which keeps your grill new even if you left in the hard sunny conditions.

Flavourized Bars – It also comes with the Porcelain Enameled Flavourized Bars to give the signature weber grills flavour on your Meat and if it also gives you some excellent sear marks who wouldn’t say no to this product.

Grease management and more space – For reducing your work in cleaning the grills, you are getting the option of easy cleaning also an wide work space where you can even hook six grilling tools for easy accessibility, along with that you are even getting a built in thermometer.

Price – The Price of this grill is the second lowest from weber after the weber anywhere gas grill, with attractive features it is a definite buy from out  team’s point of view.


Less price

Two Burners more space.


Weight is bit higher


  1. Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

You can ask why not given the Weber Q 1200 a higher position, but we not only consider the buyer’s intent plus also the features you are getting for the price you pay, and by this factors, Weber Q 2200 has an added advantage. Actually this product is a restyled version of weber Q220 and it provides lot of effective features are a very reasonable price.

And also if you are a person who is worried about space and don’t want some big grills for your small family, then this is going to be the ideal gas grill for you.

Excellent Design – With an total cooking area of around 280 square inches and an powerful stainless steel burner which kind of gives you 12000 BTU’s per Hour gives you the free range to cook for 3-4 people at the same time.

Attractive Features – Though you may not able to get the weber’s signature Flavourized Bars here, still you are able to Porcelain Enameled cast iron cooking grates which elimates the need for you to change the cooking grates often.

Alternatively you even get a two foldable work tables where you can do all other works required for your grilling.

Overall View – Though it may be not good for people who wants to cook for large people, yet is an best product when it comes to the budget section, simply it’s a best budget grill with all important features of gas grill covered.

Price –  It comes at an lowest and perfect price for this product.


Low Price

Easy to transport

Best for camping

Less space required.


Not suitable for big cooking purposes.


  1. Weber 66006001 Genesis II S-335 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill,

If someone asks us a question whether would you choose big gas grill or medium sized gas grill, definitely 8 out of 10 people are gonna say I want a medium sized gas grill at a best price with all attractive features, what if there is a 3 burner above medium sized gas grill coming at a attractive price you are expecting and with the best features in the market., definitely eventhough if you don’t have an idea of buying a gas grill, you will go and buy this weber gas grill for sure.

Lets see the features which makes it the most recommended

Super Heat Retention – If you want your grill to be protected from the elements, then this grill gives you the option of stainless steel lid and this does the job efficiently for you.

GS4 High Performance – So this package gives you an infinity ignition and a powerful 3 burner system which gives you the ultimate heat distribution, and the flavourized bars does the job of giving smoky flavours to your meat,

Massive Cooking Space – Though it comes with only 3 burner system yet you are getting a total cooking space of around 669 square inches with primary cooking area alone gives you 513 square inches, while the remaining for the tuck away warm area which comes handy during the extra work.

Also we have to mention about the burners of this grill too, where you can use out the side burners to saute out veggies and simmer BBQ sauces too.

Premium Features – The reason why we are saying it out as the premium is because you are getting a iGrill- 3 app connected thermometer which gives you the comfort of monitoring temperature of your grill from your mobile device itself, also you are getting an enclosed storage to keep your propane gas tank and Solid stainless steel cooking rod.

Finally a cool place to serve your magical dishes you are making with this grill.

Price – It comes at a slight expensive price for the budget segment three grills.


Temperature Monitoring.

Large Cooking Space.


Price might be high

  1. Weber Summit S-670 7370001 LP Gas Grill

We really consider out ourselves so much lucky to review this amazing product like this in our list, eventhough the 4 burner version is at the top spots, but still this an absolute beast in this list for sure.

Eventhough it’s the best grill in our list, yet it coming at an much lower portion, only because of its price, if price is not a concern for you and want the best gas grill currently in the world, we would suggest you this grill and its worth every penny, and price is the only sole reason why we ranked this grill lower in our list.

Beast Grill – Coming with the dimensions of 57.1 H x 74.1 W x 30 D, you are getting a massive cooking space of around 769 Square inches, with primary cooking space of around 624 square inches with the help of 60800 BTU burners.

Super Power Burners – It comes with wide variety of burners such as 12000 BTU side station Burner, Sear Station Burner, Smoker Burner, also an special of rear mounted Infrared Burner.

This system is gonna making cooking a lot easier, and also an difficult task since you have to do multitasking with six burners.

Heat Retention – With the help of 9mm stainless steel cooking grate which not only retains heat but also gives you the sear marks for you, and also if you wanted to cook slow then you can create general indirect heat to accomplish the task, also when cooking for minimum people you can keep the heat in one section to deliver fast food.

Price – Yes this part hurts most of the users, but if you are not budget conscious you are getting a grill giant to your home or restaurant.


Massive cooking area

Heat retention control


Other than Price, we can’t really find out any negatives for this grill.

  1. 8. Weber 61015001 Genesis II E-315 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Do you want to purchase a three burner grill, and that too the best gas grill from the weber, then we present you the Weber Genesis II E-315 grill, with lots of amazing features this grill is definitely our first choice when it comes to grilling when cooking out for a medium range crowd.

Let’s dive into the features to see if the grill is worth your money

Even Grilled Food – The most important thing users expect out from the grill is evenly cooked soft meat, and this is actually accomplished out by the Weber finely with the help of Porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grates.

Excellent Heat Retention – Porcelain lid not only gives you even grilled food, but also an superb heat retention and gives you the smoky flavour for your dish and also its highly durable too. Also with the help of Tuck away warming area you can easily keep your food warm while cooking other dishes at a space of 156 square inches.

Additional Features – You also some cool features with the grill such as 6 hooks, 3 stainless steel burners, caster wheels as like you are able to see in the image, and the grill temperature monitoring app feature too with a superb grease management system as an additional feature.

Price – The price is too satisfying for the features of this grill consists of.


Good price to buy

Temperature monitoring

High durability.


Less cooking space.

  1. Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 LP Grill

It might be a really confusing list for you guys, since there are lot of spirit and genesis series grills coming in this list and this is the second grill in E-310 version but a different model compared to the previous one, we would say this grill as a kind of mid-range grill for people who wants to enjoy good features of the weber at an nominal cost.

Multi Combo – With this budget still you are still getting some amazing features such as heat retention with the help of porcelain enamelled cooking grates and also a porcelain lid which gives you added advantages too.

Also you are getting a 3 burner feauture for your primary cooking area of 513 square inches, also an GS4 grilling system which kind of gives you the best allround performance the grill requires from you.

Special Addition – Will you believe that you are also getting the Weber’s signature flavouized bars with this grill at this price and also a i3 temperature monitoring control, an excellently designed grease management systems to elimante flareups and also give you an option for an easy cleaning.

This is definitely a go grill if you don’t want some extraordinary features like side burner in your grill and want to save some money you are going to spend.

Price – This is a gas grill for you if you wanted to save some money.


Good Price

Better Features


No Side burners.

  1. Weber Go – Anywhere Gas Grill

If you are looking out for an gas grill at an low cost also an low weight grill which you can easily take it up and put it in your car and go for camping, then the Weber Anywhere Gas Grill is going to be the perfect choice for it. So now there is no need for you to lift your grill and book an truck to move it another place, just close the grill and lift it easily and load it into your vehicle, even on your bikes too.

What feturees does it has – It comes with some watchable features such as easy to ignite with push button, Steel grate which gives you a high durability for your durability so no need to change your grates regularly you can settle with this one for a longer duration, also an Porcelain Enameled Lid gives you an excellent heat retention while cooking out your meat on the grill.

And finally the best of this grill, its protability, it’s a low weight and easy to transport grill, plus also you are getting an advantage of wheels also which you can use it when you are tired to lift this low weight grill.


Less Weight

Easy to move.


Small space for cooking.

  1. WEBER Summit Black Natural Gas Grill ( Special Edition)

Here comes our special grill for our special people, who wants something extra from the weber not some ordinary grill, then this one Weber Summit is the limited editon special product from weber.

This grill might be costly for some people, but we can pay some extra for this special grill of course.

Lets see if this special grill gives you some special features for the price you are going to pay.

Weighing around 480 pounds, this is definitely not an easy to move grill but it has some extraordinary 9mm stainless steel rod and flavourized bars for extra durability.

Also an special smoker box with an dedicated burner that infuses the smoky flavour on your food, also an special tuck away rotisserie system which makes the roasting much simpler and for the searing purpose you are getting with an High powered sear station for doing out this purpose.

Plus there are some four door being given for storing lots of grill accessories.

Price – This is the bitter part if you are person who looks for the price more than features.


Huge cooking area

Powerful multi burner system


High Pricing.











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